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Mission: To teach users digital marketing and empower them to improve their business marketing efforts accordingly.Business Description: DigitalGroundUp is an interactive technology platform that helps users learn digital marketing from the ground up through its interactive software. By focusing on teaching basic concepts and simple best practices in the PPC, Facebook and Display Ad spaces, DigitalGroundUp enables companies to improve their marketing efficiency, lowering their CPAs significantly while saving the cost of having to hire a specialist, agency, or consultant.

Company Background: DigitalGroundUp founder Reva Minkoff has extensive experience in digital marketing, dating back to her time as a student at Harvard. While working with startups at Lightbank, Reva realized that companies were continually making the same mistakes over and over again. After the 1001st time seeing the same common errors losing companies money, DigitalGroundUp was born.

Products/Services: Interactive software teaching digital marketing best practices. Like codeacademy.com, DigitalGroundUp’s software will require users to interact with and demonstrate a concept before proceeding by engaging in interactive exercises to practice the material, such as writing the ad, organizing keywords, or setting bids. This is in contrast to the current passive methods (videos, large manuals and multiple choice tests) that currently exist.

Technologies: DigitalGroundUp is content heavy, with the content being protected by copyright law. In addition, the interactive software that is being built does not currently exist for the marketing space.