Two major keys of advertising online in this day and age are eliminating as much effort as possible for the consumer to reach your product and capitalizing on the “buy now” impulse a user has when they view your product. YouTube has taken a big step forward in these areasRead More

How It Works

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How It Works How does DigitalGroundUp work? 1. Pick a class from one of our 20+ options: 2.  Go through each lesson in the course. Then answer the questions. 3. If your answer is correct, you’ll be allowed to move on to the next question. If your answer is incorrect,Read More
Through the collaboration, DigitalGroundUp will provide educational tools on Facebook ads, regulations for advertisement of Financial Services, fan Pages, and more CHICAGO, IL, May 29, 2014 – DigitalGroundUp Inc., an interactive technology platform that teaches digital marketing through experiential online courses, announced its collaboration with Facebook Inc. today. In collaborationRead More
Let’s be honest: we’re all aware that many times, we encounter clients or companies that fundamentally should never run on mobile devices. Their sites may not render well on mobile devices, or it is unlikely that a user on a mobile device would convert for their product. Other times, weRead More