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DigitalGroundUp is an interactive technology platform designed to help you learn, understand, and master digital marketing from the comfort of your own home or office. Our innovative interactive software allows you to learn by experience without needing to spend a cent in actual search engines.

What makes DIGITALGROUNDUP different?

Rather than reading a book or watching a video, DigitalGroundUp is interactive software. That means that in addition to reading or watching, you will also be clicking, thinking, writing, and acting. Our exercises will require you to demonstrate that you understand the topic before going on to the next one. In this way, we hope to empower you to do your own digital marketing – or at least understand your company’s efforts.


Wherever you want it to be. DigitalGroundUp is interactive software that you can use from the comfort of your own home or office. On a plane at 30,000 ft? As long as you have internet, we’ll be there with you. By not having physical classes, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace at times that work for your schedule – whether it’s 6am, 12pm, or 11pm.

What happens during a DIGITALGROUNDUP class?

DigitalGroundUp classes consist of lessons, which are a series of interactive exercises followed by questions. Upon successful completion of all the lessons in a given class, users will encounter a Bringing It All Together section in which they will use all the material covered in the class to answer real world problems, demonstrating their mastery of the subject.

What happens when I complete my DIGITALGROUNDUP class?

Upon completion of a class, DIGITALGROUNDUP users will receive a personalized certificate upon completion of each course, as well as a badge. In addition, they will have access to additional questions in each course, allowing them to review the material and challenge themselves further should they so desire.

Do I need to have an AdWords, Facebook or Bing account to use DIGITALGROUNDUP?

No. DIGITALGROUNDUP will not require you to integrate with or utilize AdWords, Facebook, or Bing accounts. You will not have to gamble real money in the engines as part of your education. That said, you are welcome and encouraged to take the concepts being taught and execute them in your own accounts, should you have them.

Do I need to download anything to use DIGITALGROUNDUP?

No. DIGITALGROUNDUP does not require any downloads or external software. Just the world wide web.

What if I fall behind? Can I go at my own pace?

Yes, by all means please go at your own pace. Our classes are structured in such a way that anyone can take them at any time at any speed. Learn at your own pace. In addition, DIGITALGROUNDUP courses don’t expire –so once a class is yours, it is yours to keep.

Does DIGITALGROUNDUP have an affiliate program?

Yes we do. If you would like to partner with DIGITALGROUNDUP please contact us.