Introducing YouTube’s TrueView, Allows Click to Purchase Within Video Ads

Two major keys of advertising online in this day and age are eliminating as much effort as possible for the consumer to reach your product and capitalizing on the “buy now” impulse a user has when they view your product. YouTube has taken a big step forward in these areas with the release of TrueView.

People watching a video ad can now click to purchase the product from within the ad. While the ad is playing, the clickable portions appear as images within the ad and if a user clicks, it takes them to the product purchase page within the company’s website.

As of now, only a few brands have tested TrueView and its capabilities, but the results were quite good.  Wayfair and Sephora were two of the testing retailers to see great results as Wayfair saw a 3 times boost in revenue increase per impression and Sephora got a 54% rise in ad recall as well as an 80% bump in product consideration. Positive results such as these translate to a full scale launch in the coming months where TrueView will be accessible to a wider range of brands. YouTube also made sure that TrueView will be available on all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.